November 18th, 2016

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November 18th, 2016

I have been looking at this little animation a lot. It’s cute, sure, but I am also identifying with it. Really, don’t you? No? Well in brief; What it’s saying to me is that it’s time for my metaphorical-creamer to kick my metaphorical-sugar bowl in the butt so that two delightful lumps of metaphorical-sugar fly out and land in my metaphorical-coffee. And then the coffee will say “two more!” and then repeat. So, really this is just an excuse to include one of my favourite gifs… but yes, change is in the air. There’s stuff to be done. What have you been plotting and planning this week?




A long time ago, when the web was young and innocent, I used to follow artist Sabine Timm (Virgin Honey) on Flickr. She is still updating her account over there, but these days she is also rocking Instagram with her quirky assemblages, animations, illustrations and found objects. It’s all totally whimsical, lovely stuff. Thanks Erin L-F for suggesting this. Good one.


Uh oh – I found one of those songs with which I drive everyone mental, just by playing on repeat. Okkervil River’s Judey On A Street, from their new album Away.

Hopelessness is a harrowing protest record from pop-electronic artist ANOHNI, previously of Antony and the Johnsons, dealing with such topics as drone warfare, torture, extinction of species and global warming. Not exactly uplifting, but unique in its entirety. This song, the more personal  I don’t love you anymore, is beautiful.   (thanks Laura and A Song A Day).

Who doesn’t like a little singing saw on a Friday? Icelandic band Amiina has a new album out today called Fantômas, but you can also enjoy this video from May 2011.

And this. Alaska – Maggie Rogers. Making me happy. Thank you, sweet Claire H.




These natural history posters by illustrator Kelsey Oseid are charming in their attention to detail and their vintage inspiration. Kelsey’s images come from a project she is undertaking in 2016. Each day of the year, she is illustrating a different species, and each month is dedicated to a different order. She began with the Passeriformes (perching birds) in January and has moved through 10 orders so far. By the end of the year she will have illustrated 366 (one extra?) species. 9 posters are currently available.


Friday Five Favourites – Guest starring: Pip Lincolne
Most often found at: Meet Me At Mikes

I picked the ever loverly Pip to be my first guest for Friday Five Favourites. Her blog is a shining beacon of joy on the internet. Thanks for taking the time to do this, Pip!


I’m pretty excited that Claire asked me to be part of her newsletter this week. If it weren’t for Claire’s beautiful blog, Loobylu, I would never have wanted to write my own. Thanks so much for the gift of inspiration, Claire. *sobs*

I’d best stop sniffling and get on with my five things. Here goes:

1. Man At The Helm – Nina Stibbe is a new-to-me writer and I have read all her funny and insightful books this year and adored them. I particularly love Man At The Helm. Not only does it feature precocious children, a stair-climbing horse and an eccentric mother, Nina drops in a few references to a 70s children’s cookbook I used to pore over (My Learn To Cook Book by Ursula Sedgwick) Apple Snow, anyone? This is Nina’s site:

2. Nigella on YouTube: Some people might think I am organised and professional, but very often I do my daily bread-and-butter writing (from 7 to 2) propped up in bed with YouTube rolling in the background. This is definitely one of the benefits of working from home. I gleefully discovered there are hours of old Nigella episodes on YouTube last week. The older eps are so good and remind me of a simpler and more cake-filled, buttery time. Nigella’s kids were still tiny and I think it reminds me of when my kids were tiny too.  I love to have eps playing on the big telly via Apple TV as I write about all the things and get my work done.  After that I promise I get dressed and do more active things. Truly I do.

3. Felt: I have been making a lot of things from felt. I made a Gilmore Girls banner this week. And also some felt Christmas decorations which I haven’t quite finished stitching up yet. I’m making a banner with a Hillary quote on it after that. It’s the one about girls needing to keep chasing their dreams and opportunities. However you vote or feel, you can’t argue with this:
“And to all of the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.”

4. Stars and the moon: I found an essay my great-grandfather had written online yesterday and I love it so much. I read it after I’d seen everyone online posting about looking for the SuperMoon and it confirmed that we are all united by the natural world and the same beautiful sky, even when we feel that things are a bit fractured or worrying.

5. Curry and rice: When my kids were little we were all obsessed with Malaysian chicken curry and roti. After having it a lot, we sort of went off the boil and moved on to other things: red curry, green curry, butter chicken and the like. This weekend I’m going to make our old favourite again and see if 7 years or so is long enough to get over this particular kind of curry fatigue…  I am hopeful that it is. I never got tired of it, personally. Here is the recipe I am going to use, and a video guide, too.  Here is a chicken knob.

Thanks for having me, Claire!! It’s been a DELIGHT!
x pip



Five delights for a Friday:
1) The Wonder of Place: My lovely friend Heather Hopkins writes a blog and newsletter that frequently moves me to tears. You will find so much beauty and wisdom in her words. “These are stories about our sense of place; about how our experiences shape, and are shaped by, meaningful places. In these stories we’ll explore our relationship to places ~ forests and parks, lakes and oceans, neighbourhoods, gardens, and cities, houses and homes, farms, and healing places.”

2) Purpose is the new bottom line: “If there is a question burning in your mind… If there’s a system so broken that it makes you want to cry…”  This Creative Mornings talk is so good. Totally worth your 20 minutes of attention.

3) Blank on Blank – Famous names, lost interviews, animated short films: PBS Digital Studios has a big archive of audio interviews from celebrities of the the past which they have animated and brought back to life. “You may be struck by how some of the themes resonate in contemporary times”.

4) Declare your loveWhat happens when you leave a megaphone on the street with the simple instructions: “Declare Your Love.” Thanks Improv Everywhere, whose channel trailer is super fun.

5) Accidentally Closing Browser Window With 23 Tabs Open Presents Rare Chance At New Life: Why, yes it does!

Last week’s email subject line quote was from the poem Wild Geese by Mary Oliver, one of my absolute favourites.

Thank you for reading! See you next week.

Over and out,

Claire Robertson,
The Small Batch List
Person with a keyboard

p.s. 100 points for guessing the quote in the subject line.

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