November 4 2016

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November 4th, 2016
During the night, around 2am (when I was looking like the above), I decided there would be no Small Batch this week due to the crush of life and deadlines. Just deciding that was enough to allow me to go back to sleep. But now it’s 3pm and I have changed my mind. Instead of no Small Batch List, it will be simply the Even Smaller Batch List. Join me again next week for a Slightly Bigger Batch List. Until then, enjoy!




The Instagram account of artist  Scorpion Dagger – James Kerr – was one of the reasons I decided I had better throw a list together today. I want to share this account so badly! Kerr collages and animates old Medieval and Renaissance paintings and sets them to perfectly bizarro music to make short Instagram and Tumblr friendly movies. The artistry and totally-bent stories remind me of Terry Gilliam’s old Monty Python clips. PLEASE make sure you look at this.




Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions are releasing a new album today titled Until The Hunter. If you are in the US you can listen to a preview on NPR. Otherwise you can hear a smattering of tracks around the web, including Let Me Get There which she recorded with Kurt Vile. Noice. (that’s Australian for “nice’). Mazzy Star has a special place in my heart, so it’s nice to hear Hope’s lovely, lazy vocals.

You will like this track by Joan As Police Woman & Benjamin Lazar Davis. And now I want to drive around in a Bentley with a big silver hat and some enormous earrings. The rest of the album, Let It Be You, is great too. (Thanks Dave C. You are awesome).

Making my day is this Danzig, Steely Dan mashup – check out Steely Danzig (thanks Rob!).


Mad Men-ing:

Exciting news: Mad Men creator, Matthew Weiner is making a new show.  He is such an interesting and creative person. I listened to this podcast interview with him last year, and then again this week and it’s still really fascinating.

Here’s an old but excellent Matt Weiner interview in the Paris Review:

“I am a controlling person. I’m at odds with the world, and like most people I don’t have any control over what’s going to happen—I only have wishes and dreams. But to be in this environment where you actually control how things are going to work out, and who’s going to win, and what they’re going to learn, and who kisses who…”

Also, while working through and beyond last week’s deadline in a kind of dead-brained panic, I listened to Pete Holmes chat to Mad Men writer/producer (and also for a huge array of other brilliant shows) Janet Leahy about writing, living, laughing and so much Mad Men. I haven’t finished it yet but I’m enjoying it.



Five delights for a Friday:
1) Watching weird and wonderful, Glitch:  We started watching this Australian paranormal series last night. I have no idea where it’s going, and I’m not giving you any spoilers, but it’s hooked me in after one episode. Plus, Castlemaine – you look pretty!

2) The Benjamin Franklin Method: How to (Actually) Learn to Write: When surrounded by people embarking on NaNoWriMo, those who are bashing out 50,000 words without stopping in order to get out a first draft, here is a refreshing alternative on how to write, but it’s one that requires hard work.

3) Brilliant local, small batch elixir: from my island home comes Moonshine Mama’s Elixir which is a potent and delicious health-giving combo of ingredients such as ginger, lemon and turmeric. It’s tasty year round. Right now everyone in the house is fighting off a nasty cold so I am guzzling it with hot water, but we’ve been know to drink it in straight shots or in cocktails. Here is a lovely video of the creation of the elixir, and you can see my friend Mel pouring the good stuff into mason jars.

4) Old skool bloggers for the win: I love Andy’s new, simple redesign of and his words about independent blogging ring true. turns 17 in December and is patchy these days, at best. I’m looking forward to hearing more of his thoughts about the direction of independent publishing in the future.

5) Are you watching WestworldHere’s a one theory about what’s happening. “The HBO series Westworld is tricking fans into thinking the story takes [place] in chronological order. However, a close look reveals that what we’re seeing is a nonlinear timeline. Two of the main storylines — the Man in Black in one, and William and Logan in the other — are actually separated by at least 30 years. Here is a breakdown of what’s sometimes called the “dual timelines theory” or the “multiple timelines theory.” That’s cool.


Short and sweet!
Pardon the spelling errors and the grammatical nightmares. I didn’t have time to send it to the my dad – proofreader extraordinaire – and I have to be drinking a martini with some lovely ladies in an hour, so I shall leave you with the words…

Over and out,

Claire Robertson,
The Small Batch List
Person with a keyboard

p.s. 100 points for guessing the quote in the subject line! You will need to subscribe to the email version of The Small Batch List to play along each week. Just sayin’.

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